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Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops 2?

"What would you like to see? "

Personally I would like of course, a much stronger narrative but from a gameplay perspective, there are things that I imagine would greatly strenghthen MGPO gameplay.

The Map System
This cool addition was nice. Especially for us on-the-go gamers. It made the game far more accessible. For the next one however, I would like to see something more interactive. It would be nice if things follow a similar chord as MGS PO1, the ability to drive from area to area in our little truck on our own would be super cool. By following the map, we'd find our war from area to area.

Furthermore, the roads would contain patrols that would have to be handled in it's own special stealth like manner. For example, each mission of course has it's story based objectives and the Optional ones. To traverse certain roads unscathed, we could send our spies into areas that we have already been to to find documents that we need to fool enemy soldiers into thinking that we have a right to drive in certain areas. Since this a Metal Gear game of course, there's also the option of just driving over soldiers and trying to sneak past barracades by ramming them to hell. But what if there's tanks? helicopters? satellites and air strikes? All of these things may make sneaking through hostile territory a challenge and you risk losing recruits in the process.

I think it would also be cool if we had a group of trucks, a convoy if you will. So as our forces increase, our need for transportation rises.

Recruiting Natives
Other than the big bad army we are facing in the game, what about local guerrilla's and extremist groups? What if there's a whole side story about Extremists trying to accomplish their goals, guerrilla's doing their thing, the military doing it's thing and us doing ours? Depending on the circumstances, I think it'd be rad if we could recruit militants of all kinds in any particular region to join our cause. The difference between MPO 2 and 1 is the fact that in order to convince certain soldiers to fight for you, they might ask that you to perform specific tasks for them.

Say for instance you have captured an enemy and convinced him to join your fight. Only thing is, he won't actually do any fighting until you do him a favor. These side missions could be anything from killing a certain person, finding specific items, showing him where a good whore house is...etc....

Now assume this person you have captured is a commander of his own squad in a specific area. It might be hard for him to take out his own comrades because morale is particularly high. If you capture him in a particular area with a lot of hostiles, befriending this enemy will make the area Solid Snake friendly. Where an area was once hostile, it can now become a hotspot for revitalization and relaxation. In other words, you can establish a base of operations. Not too extreme like a RTS but just a place to run around in. As long as your enemy is common, you will have them to fight with you. Say you have to take on an enemy that's an ally of your ally. This is where your spies come in.

New Job of Spies
i guess the spies would operate in a NSA type fashion, eleminating ally leaders that have the potentional to curb armies against you. Of course they can't wear your army's colors so they'd have to operate in a ninja like manner...entering bases at night Sam Fischer style, doing his work, and leaving.


In order to keep armies from turning against you or just leaving, you have to keep morale at an average or better. Performing various tasks for any commander or general will keep him happy. Then small missions might come up from the soldiers that make their way to the brass that keep the soldiers happy. Like, "raid the Bud Light shipment" or something.

More Ideas
  • I have been making this up as I go so I guess I've run out of steam. As far as plot is concerned, all I ask is that it be good. Personally, I don't like all these ESP types, it was done right once and that was Psycho Mantis. This Elisa character didn't really do it for me. The Sorrow was cool.
  • I feel like something similar is going to be in MGS4 already with the Army A Army B system Kojima has going on. And of course I want more voice acted scenes and a better camera system wouldn't hurt. MGS PO's camera system was good and prolly won't get better, but there's hope right?
  • Also on the seat was a pack of cigarettes. Halley reached for them, but drew his hand back. Could they be poisoned? His instincts told him that they could be a deadly trap. And, even if the cigarettes contained no added poisons, they were deadly enough in themselves. He decided to leave them where they were.
  • Bring EVA back into the story.
  • Portable Ops 2 has to be Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake from the MSX remade for the PSP.
  • Yeah, plus he's FOXHOUND's Combat Leader between 1999 and 2005. So something between Metal Gear 2 and MGS1. Maybe with Campbell helping out via radio.
  • (On the side, can you believe the time-span Roy Campbell has in the series? We've seen him as a young guy, a middle aged man, and now as an old man in MGS4. He sure is integral to the series.)
  • I gotta second the motion for remaking Metal Gear 1 and 2 in Portable Ops mode. Holy shit, I'd love it. I got a good feeling about it too. They'll have so much more impact in the new style of recorded dialogue and cutscenes.
  • I think they could be building up to it with the premise of MPO, with the whole "What led Big Boss to create Outer Heaven?" motif.
  • They need to do the following things in the story,
  • reveal the Man on the phone (either in PO2 or MGS4), and expand on eva's story for disappearing and kill her off eventually to wrap her story up.
  • They also need to kill off sokolov to wrap his story. Kill all main characters that are dead as of MGS4's timeline to wrap them up.
  • I find a big POSSIBILITY that we will see MG1 and MG2 remade (start the fan letters again lol)
  • More codec conversations. It's so sad to enter to see the "NO RESPONSE" message so often...
  • More Voice Acting. Ryan Payton gladly rejoyced saying that the game will have the returning cast from Mgs3, but in the end, the dialogues of the returning cast are:
    1) "TALK!" , "Answer me!" or "Speak!" (CCQ interrogation)
    2) Uh! ha! Twok! (CQC 3 hit combo)
    3) Freeze!
    4) Various Grunts
The codec has no voice-over, nor the mission briefings.
There was plenty of space in the UMD disc to include those voices.
  • Seriously. I understand that maybe not ALL the codec convos can have voice acting, but at least the funnier or the heavily Plot-related..
  • More time to develop the story. The script is definetely worth of the Metal Gear canon, but some plot elements are poorly developed.
  • The succesor Project. There are only 2 referencees trough out the game. The firts one when Gene reveals it, and later when Eliza advises Snake to be extremely careful when fighting gene.
  • His battle technique is patterned after The Boss herself."
  • Oh Really? Because I don't see him using any of her moves or tactics! He just runs like a fool throwing knives and glowing like a russian mushroom"
  • Nothing more is known about Gene's relation with The Boss and what kind of experiment was the Sucesor Project (genetic, psychological, ESP)...
  • Also, Gene's true motivations are never expressed. He was the Fox Unit leader or was deployed at the russian abandoned base? Why does he threatens the world?
    • Volgin--> Supremacy of Russia
    • Liquid--> Create an "Outer Heaven" To Surpass Big Boss
    • Solidus--> Eliminate the patriots
    • Big Boss--> To create a world in which soldiers will always have a place...
    • Gene--> ?????? To piss off the CIA?
  • Sokolov! You're alive." He appears at te plant out of nowhere and once the battle with MG is over he disappears from the face of earth. Where is he when the game ends? How did he ended in a prision camp in russia? Who helped him escape form Groznij Grad?
  • I must admit that the quality of Ashley's drawings have increased since DGN, I wish all his work to be that good:

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