Monday, 19 March 2007

Other Metal Gear Games

"Other MGS Possibilities?"
  • MPO2 - set around 1972
  • MPO3 - set in the early/mid 1990's leading up to Outer Heaven
  • MG1 - Remake starting with a Gray Fox prologue mission then the full Snake mission
  • MG2 - Remake (self explanatory
  • MGS - Remake in style of PO using the original voice soundtrack and cutscene coreography. Gameplay usuing MPO engine
  • MG, MG2 and MGS launched as a triple pack on PSP
  • Ghost Babel would be great on the Nintendo Wii.
  • MGS3 Subsistence on 360 would be pretty nice as well.
  • An MPO game wherein the main character you play as Liquid Snake, either alone, or commanding FOXHOUND on missions leading up to MGS1.

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