Monday, 19 March 2007

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops

"Release Schedule"
  • North America - OUT NOW
  • Japan - OUT NOW
  • UK/Europe - 18th May 2007 - AMAZON.CO.UK
  • UK/Europe - 7th September 2007 - PLAY.COM
  • Australia - 7th June 2007
So as you can see North America and Japan are already enjoying Portable Ops, but UK/Europe and Australia are going to have to wait.
According to, Australia are going to receive MPO before Europe, but are saying that MPO is going to be released in UK/Europe before Australia.

At least Australia has been given a confirmed released date for MPO, but everyone currently waiting in UK/Europe are still waiting for a release date for MPO.

As soon as more information is released concerning the European release date, I will let you all know.

Keep your eyes glued to this page.

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