Sunday, 1 April 2007

Metal Gear Solid: Remote Ops


After the announcement of David Hayter returning as the voice of Snake in MGS4, Konami will once again surprise the fans with the following press release:


Metal Gear Solid: Remote Ops
Release date: Q4 2008
Platform: Wii

In 2001 players experienced the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty through the eyes of newcomer Raiden. Now events of the game will unfold through Solid Snake's eyes in this spiritual sequel to MGS: Portable Ops. Similar to Portable Ops, players will control Solid Snake as well as recruit and use their own handpicked squadron. In addition to a full-length single player mode illustrated by Ashley Wood and the multiplayer modes seen in previous titles, the game features unique gameplay elements using the Wii system's unique remote and nunchuck controller.

Expect this news to appear on all huge gaming related news websites, of course if Konami wants to.

Thanks goes to MGS Unofficial Site for the information

MGS Unofficial Site

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