Friday, 16 March 2007

Vice City Stories PS2 Exclusive Features

"That's right, NEW exclusive features"

The following were not available in the PSP version, but have been added to the PlayStation 2 version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories:
  • Two additional PCJ-600 missions called "Playground in the Docks" and "Playground On The Park"
  • New golf cart mission "Caddy Daddy"
  • A mission on a Skimmer airplane called "Crims On Water Wings"
  • Additional missions such as "Rush!" (in the Vice Port area) and "Hyman Memorial O.D.T." (on a plane near the stadium)
  • Five new rampages including one where you must destroy 15 cars with a rocket launcher in two minutes, one where you must kill 40 people with Stubby Shotgun, one where you must destroy 15 cars with Spaz 12 Shotgun, one where you must kill 70 people with M249, and finally one where you kill 25 people using the laser-guided Sniper Rifle
  • Six unique stunts added
  • Buy a bulletproof Sanchez and Ventoso
  • 'Seagulls Sniped' has been added to the statistics menu

  • Thanks goes to PlanetGTA for the information

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