Monday, 19 March 2007

MGS Portable Ops delayed in Australia

" MPO Delayed Again?"

Atari, the publisher for numerous Metal Gear titles in Australia, pushed back the release date for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

It has already been pushed back from April to May but now Aussies have to wait until June 7th until copies of the game are available in their country.

Yep, Aussie games would have to clench their teeth a bit longer for this game to come out.

Originally, it was set for an April 1 date but the date's been moved back to June 7, 2007. On the bright side, at least they provided a particular date and didn't just mumble their way out of it, pretending to have said something coherent.

So there, just chill and it will come. Just think of it as Atari and Konami ensuring you get the best of its best. Till then, practice with Snake Eater or Sons of Liberty.

According to the latest release schedule, Portable Ops is now due on June 7, 2007. This further delay will undoubtedly come as sour news for fans of the series awaiting a 'true' fully-fledged installment for the PSP. Hang in there - we feel your pain.


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