Friday, 23 February 2007

The Unofficial MGS+GTA Report Session 001

"My own Blog Site now up and running"

I now have my blog site up and running on the internet called the "The Unofficial MGS+GTA Report"

As an extra feature for the fans i will also be accepting emails from people and i will do my best to answer them all as best i can.

I will update it every week with another epsiode of the report every friday.

The link to the blog site is listed below:


bman said...

Sounds cool. What is your e-mail adress?

bman said...

I just finished listening to the first ed of the podcast, nice work.

Bouncer said...

my email address is

bman said...

ok cool

bman said...

When will episode two be complete?

Bouncer said...

episode two will be uploaded this friday and it will be updated with a new episode every friday.