Wednesday, 21 February 2007

PSP Gold is finally out

Black, White, Pink, Silver, Blue and now a GOLD PSP?

For $200.00 US Dollars or £103.00 UK Pounds Sterling, this is a truly luxurious handheld console to hold. When you have something this grand in your hands, you expect something great with it as well. Well folks, don't bet on it. Although this lovely piece of handheld has its luxurious look, it's still has its flaws.

This "champagne" gold PSP is a Japan-only release. Although it's intended for the Japanese market, Sony Japan has taken into consideration that the foreign market might be interested to import this golden item.

The handheld is also capable of playing all U.S., European, and Asian games. However, Region 1 UMD movies are unplayable meaning that U.S. released UMD movies can't be played, the Gold PSP is limited only to playing Region 2 UMD movies from Japan/Europe/UK. So in the end, this lovely item is only beneficial for its target market.

Unless you're into Japanese things and all that, I suggest just modding the case of your PSP and spray painting it gold. At least you don't have the hassle of switching languages or not getting your movies played.

[Via AudioCubes]

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