Wednesday, 28 February 2007

No MGO in the United States?

'Whats going on?'

'April 2nd will be the last day...'

Konami has just reported on the front page of the Subsistence online support site, that MGO will be closing in April.

"The last day of online service for Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence in North America will be April 2nd.

Konami sincerely thanks all of the Subsistence online community for their dedication to the game and support of the Metal Gear Solid series.

The Metal Gear Online tradition of stealth, action and team play continues on the PSP system with Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops with all-new characters, levels and modes of play - don't miss this incredible evolution of Metal Gear Online."

On April 2nd, players will no longer be able to connect online and play the Metal Gear Online portion of Subsistence. TUS and PTT Podcast will be throwing an event to say goodbye to MGO, so stay tuned for more information.

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Source - Metal Gear Online Homepage

'Revenge of the Petition'
Back in November when we first started running our petition to keep MGO online based on rumors that the US servers would be shutting down, Konami released the following message:

"This is MGO GM!
The japanese MGS3S server will be closing down in December 2006.
Do not worry! The European and American servers will not be ambushed! Ignore any propaganda you may have read on the net!
So, get back to combat!
Over and Out!"

Now, word has come out that Konami will in fact be closing the US servers on April 2nd, contrary to their earlier claim. A large number of people still play MGO regularly, including many people from TUS, and we believe that they do not deserve neglegence as a reward for continued support.

With that said, help us in keeping MGO online!

Our previous petition is still active with many signatures still listed, however, with the recent news it may be possible to generate enough interest to sway Kojima Productions' decision.

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Link - Keep Metal Gear Online! Petition

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